Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sundsvall, Thanksgiving and Uppsala

Hey hey!
During this month of November, we went to Sundsvall to meet some friends who became parents or will become parents very soon :)
We also had a Thanksgiving dinner at our place. That was the 1st time for me I cooked a stuffed turkey and it was fun! A lot of food, good wine and friends, perfect to spend a good night!

Josefin got new glasses, she looks very serious with those... and sexy! :)

The last days of autumn in Uppsala

Funny video game night at my place before I sold my PS3 for... a PS4! :)

And my 1st photo with my new wide angle 14mm f2,8 L USM.

In the train on our way to Sundsvall

WTF?? Half naked woman for the diploma of...??

Our 1st Thanksgiving at home was pretty much a success. Good fun. food and wine, all we need to spend a good night!

And we won our first basketball match, which was a lot of fun! :)

Gurdeep... you should have dunked it!! :)